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Modern Home Decor
mhdecor    Ratings: 11 (100 % positive)

  • Mariusz Krzyzak
  • 50 kingsway court
  • Glasgow G14 9SR


We are a professional builders with experience in many aspects of accumulated work of finishing. We specialize mainly in decorating, kitchens and bathrooms refurb.. Although thanks to our team of professionals, every other request will be made ​​off in 100 %.
"excellent service, quick, cheap, friendly and great job done." – nicola3028, 09/01/2018 5

  • Michael Gora
  • 45 Oran Gate
  • Glasgow G20 8DA


We specialise in high-quality and affordable building services for a range of clients, both residential and commercial. From small projects to entire top-to-bottom renovations, we pride ourselves on delivering each project to our client’s full satisfaction. All work is properly planned, supervised and inspected, to make sure that is being complete... more

  • Artur Wrzeszcz
  • 31 Birness Drive 21/2
  • Glasgow G43 1UQ

  • Barbara Janowska
  • 27 Everard Drive
  • Glasgow G21 1XG

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