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Underfloor Heating

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Imeri Plumbing and Heating services
imeriplumbing    Ratings: 32 (100 % positive)

  • Matteo Imeri
  • 180 Girdlestone Walk
  • London N19 5DW


Imeri plumbing and heating services is a family run business specialised in plumbing and heating domestic repairs. Also member of Gas Safe we can undertake gas safe certificates and boiler servicing/breakdown.
"An excellent & friendly service. Very highly recommended." – paul6735, 26/10/2016 5

  • Artur Wisniewski
  • 40 Crawford Avenue
  • Dartford DA1 2GB


AIQ plumbing is friendly, reliable and honest small plumbing&design company. We are experts in- underfloor heating, plumbing/heating & bathroom fitting services,installation/maintenance, interior&Cad designs. Thanks to our privat interior designer we can turn your visions into reality Do not hesitate in calling us for great and honest workmanship a... more

  • Brendan Harrington
  • 27 Kings Hedges Road
  • Cambridge CB4 2QF

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